Since 1987 the San Antonio Living History Association has presented historical presentations in Alamo Plaza. In 2011 the City Council approved an ordinance authorizing SALHA to offer free monthly “Alamo Plaza Heritage Interpretation” programs and events for residents, students and visitors to that historic site. This City ordinance recognizes the many years of SALHA dedication toward enhancing the visitor experience in Alamo Plaza with its educational and heritage interpretation activities.

Free SALHA Historical Events

“Visits to the Past” with interactive programs with members in historical clothing, historical walking tours, demonstrations of period skills, diverse interpretive programs, and exhibits featuring early arms, tools and accoutrements. See the Events page for the dates and times.

The “Beginning of the Alamo Siege”© Hear General Santa Anna’s demand for a Texian surrender, their parley and witness the Alamo defenders’ response. Experience the opening salvos of the siege leading to the battle of the Alamo. Enjoy historical music, dance, hands-on skills of period crafts, kid’s marching drill, flintlock and cannon demonstrations and interactive family activities.

The “Dawn at the Alamo”© – SALHA members, joined by re-enactors from across the U.S. in Alamo Plaza, represent both armies and recognize the sacrifices made by both sides of the Alamo conflict on March 6,1836. Thirteen candles are lit to symbolize the 13-day Alamo siege and battle. The commemorative ceremony remembers the Alamo with a historical narrative, eyewitness accounts, a reconciliation peace prayer, flintlock musket salute volleys, with presentations of commemorative wreaths completing the solemn event. The free hour-long event begins during the Alamo battle hour that begins in darkness and ends in early morning light. Floral wreaths are welcomed from Alamo descendants, historical organizations, students and heritage visitors.

The “Remembering The Alamo” Weekend© events draw living history reenactors from across Texas and the United States who annually travel to Alamo Plaza to participate in the Alamo Plaza reenactments and SALHA-sponsored programs. Traditionally the “Remembering The Alamo!” Weekend© features interactive demonstrations of Alamo era flintlock muskets, rifles and cannon as well as living history vignettes. For God and Texas! ¡Diós y Libertad! is the live-action reenactment story of the siege and battle of the Alamo that highlights the event day.  With narration, black powder cannon, flintlock rifles, and military muskets firing simultaneously, the Mexican forces attack the Texian and Tejano garrison defending the Alamo, as audiences experience the sights and sounds of that historical event.

The “Remembering The Alamo!” Weekend© reenactment also features Mexican Banda de Guerra drums and bugles playing original military march and attack music not heard in Alamo Plaza since 1836.  The narration guides audiences through the battle up to the final furious assault ending in a historical moment frozen in time with the first clashing contact of the battle.  Witnessing audiences feel the impact of that conflict as they experience their own living history flash-back with the sights and sounds of the Alamo battle reenactment.  Each year “Remembering The Alamo!” Weekend© visitors return home from the San Antonio Living History Association presentations knowing that they will always “Remember The Alamo!”  Many make plans to return in March to Alamo Plaza to commemorate the next anniversary of the most famous battle in Texas history.

The Battle of Béjar (Dec. 5-9, 1835) and The Capitulation of General Cos (Dec. 11, 1835) are presented by the San Antonio Living History Association in Maverick Plaza and at the historic Cos House in La Villita. The SALHA event includes living history reenactments, a historical walking tour of La Villita, San Antonio’s historic arts center, plus early foods and skills demonstrations in Maury Maverick Plaza and at the capitulation signing at the Cos House.

This free event is hosted by the City’s Department for Cultural & Creative Development.  See the Events page for the event dates and times.

Community Outreach

SALHA members have presented their unique historical programs and educational services to numerous institutions and organizations at local venues, area communities, and historical sites across Texas. These include:

  • Alamo Plaza Heritage Interpretation (Monthly)
  • City of San Antonio Department of Cultural and Creative Development
  • La Villita Tenants Association
  • City of San Antonio Downtown Operations Department
  • The San Antonio Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
  • The U.T.S.A. Institute of Texan Cultures
  • The San Antonio Conservation Society
  • San Antonio Missions Historical Park (NPS)
  • City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation Dept.
  • San Antonio Founders Day
  • The Sons of the Republic of Texas
  • The Daughters of the Republic of Texas
  • Witte Museum’s South Texas Heritage Center
  • Peter’s/St. Joseph’s Children’s’ Home
  • T.S.A. Center for Archeological Research
  • The San Antonio Children’s Museum
  • Tourism Council of San Antonio
  • San Antonio Public Library
  • The Friends of Milam Park
  • Casa Navarro State Park
  • Fiesta San Antonio
  • San Antonio Botanical Gardens
  • San Antonio Historical Society
  • OASIS (Older Adult Service & Info. System)
  • Say Sí Theatre Arts
  • NRA Shooting Sports Camp
  • A.U.C. Escuela de las Americas
  • Texas State Historical Association
  • Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
  • The San Jacinto Museum Association
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission
  • New Braunfels FolkFest
  • Celebrate Bandera!
  • Pioneer Village in Gonzales
  • Presidio La Bahia in Goliad
  • History of South Texas Museum (Edinburg, TX)
  • Kenedy Ranch Museum (Sarita, TX)
  • Independent School Districts including Schools in the San Antonio ISD, Northeast ISD, Northside ISD, Judson ISD, Harlandale ISD, South West, Devine, and Somerset.
  • Other Civic, Historical & Fraternal Organizations