• Who does SALHA serve?

The San Antonio Living History Association serves its members by educating them on how to research Texas history and then by training them in the craft of living history interpretation.  Reenactor members visit historical sites where they share these acquired skills with audiences at SALHA public living history programs and events.

Want to learn about living history and share it with others?

Welcome to all!  You are invited to join this interesting craft.

  • How can you start?

Join the San Antonio Living History Association, as a student, individual or family member and become active in all its activities. You may select membership as a living history reenactor with heritage skills or join as a SALHA support member to participate as a program or event supporter (non-reenactor).to help in sharing our historical and educational goals with the visiting public (residents, students and tourists).

Living history reenactor members will be assisted in developing a historical persona, learning how to demonstrate period skills typical of their selected persona, learn about authentically researched clothing for your persona, receive access to SALHA resources for the clothing and accoutrements worn by your persona, and shown presentation  techniques of living history interpretation.

SALHA support members (non-reenactors) are much needed for event planning, logistics and other technical skills.  Example: Event Setup, Registration, A/V, Photography, Security, Social Media, Marketing, Website, Sponsorships, etc.

Membership is open to everyone!

Membership Application {Link Coming}

Membership Profile

SALHA membership includes living history interpreters and reenactors, as well as program and event supporters from across Texas and the U.S.  Membership is open to everyone regardless of age, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, or national origin.  SALHA is seeking to recruit new members for the development of our community heritage programs and to help accurately interpret our educational nonprofit goals.  We welcome everyone with various historical interests and business skills to support and promote our nonprofit towards accomplishing of its mission, goal and purpose.

Membership Levels:

 You are cordially invited to participate in Texas history interpretation by joining the San Antonio Living History Association at several membership levels:

  • Student ($10)
  • Associate ($15)
  • Regular ($25)
  • Family ($35)

Event Support Members (Non-Reenactors) and Corporate Sponsors:

Because SALHA events are presented free to the public, donations are accepted for program and event costs.  As an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, your SALHA supporting membership dues and corporate sponsorships are tax-deductible.

  • Event Support Member ($50)
  • Benefactor Member ($100)
  • Program Sponsor ($500 – $1,000)
  • Event Sponsor ($2,000 – $10,000)

NOTE:  Not all SALHA members are living history reenactors nor required to wear historical clothing.  You can join us as a Support, Event Support or Benefactor member.  Business and corporate members are invited to become SALHA Program or Event Sponsors.  

Event production and program talents are needed from members experienced in: graphic design and theater arts, special events, IT & Social Media skills, Marketing, Fundraising, Media PR, Communications, Newsletters, Non-profit Accounting, historical clothing construction and tailoring, …you-name-it!

Potential SALHA Board members who are interested in San Antonio and Texas history, with business skills or non-profit experience in organizational development, are welcomed and much needed to promote SALHA programs, activities and events.  If you are interested, please call (210) 273-1730 or email for more information.