SALHA membership includes living history interpreters and reenactors, as well as program and event supporters from across Texas, the U.S. and Europe.  Membership is open to everyone regardless of age, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, or national origin. San Antonio Living History Association members are volunteers who work hard, have fun, and are dedicated to accurately interpreting the multi-cultured heritage of San Antonio and Texas. SALHA is always seeking to recruit more members for development of our community services and to achieve our educational nonprofit goals.  We welcome all kinds of historical interests and business skills to help our nonprofit in the presentation of free public educational programs and events.

Membership Levels:

 You are cordially invited to support and promote Texas history interpretation by joining the San Antonio Living History Association at several membership levels:

  • Student ($10)
  • Associate ($15)
  • Regular ($25)
  • Family ($35)

Event Support Members (Non-Reenactors) and Corporate Sponsors:

SALHA events are presented free to the public and donations are accepted for program and event costs.  As an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, your SALHA supporting membership dues and corporate sponsorships are tax-deductible.

  • Event Support Member ($50)
  • Benefactor Member ($100)
  • Program Sponsor ($500-$1,000)
  • Event Sponsor ($2,000 – $10,000)
  • Annual Corporate Sponsor ($25,000)

NOTE:  Not all SALHA members are living history reenactors or required to wear historical clothing.  You can also join as a sustaining member or an event supporting member of our “Alamo Plaza Heritage Interpretation” programs by going to the Membership page and sign-up at support levels you wish to select. Event production and program talents are needed from members including those experienced in: theater and graphic arts, special events, IT & Social Media skills, Marketing, Fundraising, Media PR, Communications, Newsletters, Non-profit Accounting, historical clothing construction and tailoring, …you-name-it!

New support members and volunteers who like San Antonio and Texas history, with business skills or non-profit experience in organizational development, are needed to promote SALHA programs, activities and events.  Corporate sponsorships are also welcome. If interested, call (210) 273-1730 or email for more information.


Your San Antonio Living History Association membership dues or sponsorships reflect your commitment to support the SALHA mission statement and our continued presentations of educational programs and events for benefiting both SALHA members and the visiting public.

Your SALHA membership also helps to ensure that living history interpretation of the Alamo and of Texas history will be made available and accessible to all interested citizens, students and visitors who “Remember the Alamo” from across the state, the nation and around the world.

SALHA membership dues provide monthly opportunities for you to participate in living history events at the Alamo.

SALHA Members can purchase flintlock muskets and accessories at members-only wholesale discount prices.

SALHA Members can purchase their black powder supplies through SALHA at contractor discount prices.

SALHA Members receive discount lodging for Alamo events at Red Roof Inn and other hotels.

SALHA Members now have access to a researched new database of authentic clothing, fabric, patterns and equipment sources for use in living history interpretation and the development of their own historical personas for SALHA and other reenactments.

SALHA Members also now can purchase from a selection of historical clothing kits and fabrics at cost for their living history activities for events in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

SALHA Members become institutional members of ALHFAM, the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums, with access through SALHA to their publications, E Bulletins and many historical articles.

Membership dues provide you with $2M in liability insurance coverage during SALHA events.